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The NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) is a personal, unique, and exclusive number that all foreigners in Spain must possess for identification purposes.

All foreigners who, due to their economic, professional, or social interests, have links to Spain, may personally request a NIE from the General Directorate of the Police or, in the event that at the time of the application they are not in Spain, at the Spanish Embassy or honorary Consulates in their country of origin.

The duly completed forms, the applicant's valid original passport or national identity card and the duly paid fee must be submitted in order to request the number.

In the case of minors, the father, mother, or guardian must also be present and provide a copy and original of their passport or national identity document, as well as the original birth certificate of the minor translated into Spanish by a sworn translator.

A NIE allows you to carry out the following transactions: