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Here at Vives Pons lawyers and accountants you will find the professional and dependable legal firm you are looking for. Since our foundation in 1998 we handle every case with care, discretion and professionalism, placing at your service, depending on each case, the best specialised lawyers.

Multidisciplinary Advisers

In our law firm you will find a multidisciplinary team with expertise in fields as diverse as legal, employment, accounting, tax, and financial advice. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of legislation, we are the ideal advisers for your investments.

Our team has been strategically assembled using highly qualified professionals from all branches of expertise, with the aim of offering our clients a comprehensive service. Our mission is to offer clients the legal advice they want and be at their disposal to address any legal matter.

Based in Dénia, Spain, we advise and serve clients of all nationalities and throughout the national territory, providing our services in several languages such as Spanish, English, French and German. With more than 20 years’ experience our national and international client portfolio exceeds 5,500 clients.

We have a deep knowledge of Spanish legislation and case law, allowing us to offer flexible and versatile legal advice. We review every case in detail to find the most appropriate legal strategy to address the client's situation.

We act at all times seeking to defend the interests of our clients and create the most favourable scenario possible for them. Our advice is based on the pillars of clarity, trust, transparency, and confidentiality.

Legal advice for businesses and the self-employed

One of our lines of business is providing legal and tax advice to businesses and the self-employed. Thanks to our assistance and experience you can enjoy solutions adapted to your affairs. By providing the best legal advice we will accompany and represent you in every situation, offering guidance on all organisational issues about which you may have doubts.

Our tax and accounting advisory team will assist you from the moment you incorporate your company, selecting the most appropriate corporate structure for your business activity, and one allowing it to grow in the right direction.

Moreover, we will assist you to present your tax declarations. If you are the owner of an overseas company, we will help you with all the legal procedures to commence activity in Spain.

Advice to individuals

If you are an individual, our comprehensive services will allow you to obtain advice and representation in virtually any field of law. We can assist you with inheritance issues, tax planning, sales and acquisitions, transactions involving non-residents, powers of attorney, etc.

If you are looking for professional and efficient lawyers, feel free to book an appointment and explain your case to us. Here at Vives Pons lawyers and accountants you will find a dedicated team of professionals working to defend your best interests.